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Ethics, introduced in the October 2020 issue, provides a solid foundation for leaders of volunteer engagement to build their knowledge and skills in identifying ethical dilemmas and embedding ethical decisions within their practice with confidence.

What common challenges do leaders of Volunteer Engagement face when they approach ethical issues? What common mistakes do they make? In this Ethics column, Editor Erin Spink interviews volunteerism expert  SarahJane Rehnborg to discuss these and many more issues that surface…
April 2021
In this Part 2 conclusion of this new Ethics column, authors Katie Campbell and Erin Spink delve deeper into a key ethics tool known as the CCVA Values and Principles document. Together, Campbell and Spink unpack how these values and principles guide the ethical behaviour of…
January 2021
In this inaugural article for the new Ethics section, authors Katherine H. Campbell, former Executive Director of CCVA, and Ethics Editor Erin R. Spink present an introduction to ethics for the Volunteer Engagement profession. In the first of their two-part presentation,…
October 2020