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Ahead of the Curve

Ahead the Curve, introduced in the October 2020 issue, explores how technology is shaping contemporary volunteer engagement and how it will shape the field in the future.

We are living through the democratization of impact data. Once the reserve of elite, institutional philanthropy, new tools and data are enabling a much wider swath of nonprofits to credibly demonstrate their mission impact to stakeholders, including donors small and big, and…
April 2021
Question: How much time would you save if you no longer manually sourced, screened, scheduled, tracked, analyzed, reported on and reached out to re-engage your volunteers and their contacts? Answer: Though most of our peers wouldn't admit it, you'd probably reclaim 20 percent to…
January 2021
For decades, running a strong volunteer program meant clearly defining roles and responsibilities, sourcing the right volunteers and managing consistent project delivery. Today, the same considerations remain true, but the practices of delivering them in a modern setting have…
October 2020